About us

SERISTEM is an Italian leading company offering screen-printing services, decals and similars. For over twenty years we have gathered foremost experience in this field and developed cutting edge expertise on the most updated technologies. Our challenge has always been to implement new printing and digitalization techniques, while never neglecting the importance of the traditional way of doing this work. By exploiting the traditional techniques and by continouously updating our range of materials, we can now satisfy the needs of an ever-expanding range of qualified clients.


We develop decorations, drawings, decals, stickers, diaphanies, advertisement posters, catalogues, vouchers, invites, playbills, brochures, cards, screen-printing frames, art prints and prints in electroluminescence. All these products are either designed by us or directly by the clients.


We employ the most recent printing machines in order to achieve best results. Our software and hardware provision are continuously updated and/or replaced, in order to guarantee that our products are of certified high quality.

We use highly technical types of colours, among which:

  • Thermoformable (for 3D-panels requiring thermoforming, or for PTG materials such as helmets realized with In-moulding process).
  • Thermosensitive (employed for thermometers, toys etc.)
  • Conductive (conducing electricity; can be employed for printed circuits and toys)
  • Phosphorescent
  • UV for glossing
  • Gold and silver (i.e., for instant lotteries)


We offer our clients any type of technical/professional assistance, walking them hand-by-hand throughout the steps of the product realization. From the design phase to the final printing, we give our clients the possibility to progressively examine the developments of the work by showing them small-scale models and samples in two or three dimensions.