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Plotter Seristem

Our innovative techniques of digital printing allow us to print and cut out stickers, posters, keyboards, diaphanies etc. with foremost precision and quality.


We plot by means of a Mimaki CJV30-100: the best print-and-cutting solution for :
- Posters A0 (84.1x118.9 cm) and POP display;

- Printing services offering retail products;
- Producers of stickers, signs and labels of high quality.

MAIN Techincal characteristics:

High print quality up to 1440 dpi;

Max print speed: 17 sq.m/h (11.7 mq/h standard speed);

Manual operations reduced to minimum thanks to the Automatic Media Clamp function;

Progessive detection of crosses for accurate cut of shapes;

Simultaneous printing of colours and whites;

Printing without interruption thanks to UISS system;

Immediate drying SS21 solvent ink allowing immediate cutting after print;

White ink with Overlay Printing function;

Half Cut.

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