Decalcomania Some Decals of ours
Spatola Arancio Seristem
For years we have been collaborating with the major helmets producers. We are specialized in the realization of sticky labels and decals for any type of helmet (jet, demi-jet, integral, modular), and for any type of use (civil, industrial, for sports).

Decalcomania is a printing procedure, both artistic and ornamental, which allows to transfer a picture from a smooth surface to another surface, generally plastic or glass. The impression occurs by contact: the colour film of the matrix - which is made through an industrial printing process - is completely peeled off and attached to the object. The peeling off can be carried out either dry, or with the help of humidification. The word decalcomania derives from the French "decalquer," and it was introduced by Simon François Ravenet in 1750. The "mania" was added when this printing procedure became very popular, i.e., around the end of C XIX.